Feature: Psssst!  Potatoes Are Boring.  Pass It On!

Kraft Stovetop Stuffing Unpotato Contest

Author: Vanessa Druckman
Published: April 20, 2011 at 2:33 pm

Have your dinners lost their sense of humor? Kraft recently launched a satirical campaign pitting Stove Top stuffing against the ALMIGHTY POTATO in the battle of the side dishes. The pitch?  Potatoes are booooooooring.

Here's how a few of the participating bloggers have already been having fun with the topic:

  • Jennifer from the Dirty T-Shirt interviewed women victims of the un-potato phenomenon whose husbands turned them in for making boring sides.
  • Visual Recipes reported that a pro-potato rally turned out to be a dud for spuds.
  • Growing Your Baby shared that sleep clinics across the country have been having wonderful success with a new potent sleepiness ingredient: potatoes.
  • Susan from Doughmesstic divulged the real reason for Mr. Potato Head's disguise. 

Want to try your hand as the next great satirist? Technorati Media is holding a contest for the funniest, most clever, original work showcasing Stove Top to the rescue replacing the “boring” ol’ potato as your family’s favorite side dish. And if your entry is one of the four chosen to win, you will receive a $100 American Express gift card. Check out the contest details and full official rules at: http://technorati.com/stovetop-unpotato-contest

To enter to win, write a funny blog post featuring a boring potato. Channel inspiration from the types of humor found at The Onion. Each post must be at least 200 words with your “story” about Stove Top Stuffing Mix being the hero over the boring potato and must include at least one image and an outbound link to the Stove Top Stuffing Facebook page. You will also need to post a minimum of one Facebook update, a tweet, or an upload to YouTube to promote your post. Video stories about your potato or STOVE TOP stuffing as the “hero” are highly encouraged, though not required.

Visit the Kraft Stove Top Stuffing Facebook page to learn more and get a coupons.


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